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what types of sunglasses fit you best
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What Types Of Sunglasses Fit You Best?

When choosing sunglasses, it is essential to assess the technical aspects, protection and if you want to know which ones suit you best, we will help you out!

If you are going to choose sunglasses, you must make sure that the protection is adequate, that it protects you well from external factors, and once you have seen the more technical part, you can now choose the types of sunglasses that you like the most!

Sunglasses are the complement of summer, time in the sun, on the terrace or at the beach; indeed, you always wear your favorite sunglasses. If you want to renew them and buy a new one, but you have doubts about what types of sunglasses suit you best, we give you some tips that you can follow when purchasing them.

Types of sunglasses according to your face

heart-shaped face

If your face is wider at the top and narrower at the chin or chin, the types of glasses with a delicate and refined design are perfect for accentuating the jaw and cheekbones.

If you have a square face

Your ideal glasses are circular, contrast with the squarer features of the face, and help you soften the angles.

If your face is somewhat round

Frames with straight or angular lines are ideal for people with round faces; they will lengthen and slim your face and prevent the cheeks from accentuating.

If you have a rectangular face

For people with longer faces, the types of great glasses are the giant ones, since they help break the length and soften the look.

And if your face is oval

In this case, all glasses tend to look good, both the most round and the most square, large or small …, the oval face is usually favored with any glasses.

Put these tips into practice when buying your next glasses, you will indeed feel more comfortable than ever, and they will become your favorites.

We are always aware of your needs, so we collaborate with important suppliers who give us offers for our clients.

So that in summer you can enjoy the best sunglasses we collaborate with Optical 2000, which have glasses for € 29 and give you personalized advice when you go to buy them. Explain your needs, what your ideal glasses are like, and let them advise you when choosing!

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