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what are the costs of getting invisalign
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What Are The Costs of Getting Invisalign?

Teeth misalignment is a common orthodontic problem affecting a large population globally. Invisalign is popular for people with crooked and misaligned teeth who do not want to have metal braces put on their teeth. We will examine the factors that could affect your Invisalign cost.

Invisalign costBoth adults and teenagers can wear Invisalign. The doctor will take x-rays, pictures, and a 3d model of your teeth that will be used to make the aligners. The treatments can take up to one year depending on the severity of misaligned teeth.

Many orthodontists recommend Invisalign treatments over braces for several reasons. One example is that the doctor can make more precise movements of your teeth. You will also save time with less frequent visits to the doctor from doing wire and bracket adjustments.

The Costs of Invisalign

The typical cost of Invisalign treatment ranges from $1,800 to $9,500. In many cases, the complexity of the problems determines the cost that the patient pays for Invisalign treatment.

The following are some key factors that determine the varying costs of Invisalign.

Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance may reduce the cost of Invisalign. Most insurance providers will cover between 25% to 50% of the total Invisalign cost. Insurance companies will only cover Invisalign costs if your dental insurance includes orthodontic benefits.

Some of the dental insurance options come with various restrictions. For instance, some only cover the cost if one is getting Invisalign for medical purposes. Talk to your dental insurance company before starting treatment.

The Orthodontist’s Expertise and Experience

The doctor’s expertise and experience will determine the quality of Invisalign treatment one gets. An experienced orthodontist will charge more for the treatment than an inexperienced specialist but expect less complications and better results.

Experienced Invisalign providers can give their clients the best results. An experienced orthodontist for Invisalign can help even the most complicated situations.

Location of the Orthodontist

The orthodontist’s geographic location can be a key determinant of the cost of Invisalign. Invisalign treatment costs are usually higher in cities and urban centers because of the location real estate costs. The high cost of living in urban centers makes many orthodontists in cities charge more for Invisalign.

The complexity of the Problem

The severity of the patient’s case also determines the cost a patient incurs on Invisalign. Less severe conditions take less time and fewer adjustments to correct.

Some of the more complicated issues include severe overbite, teeth crowding, and overjet teeth. The resources and time needed to handle complex issues cause a higher price tag.

Refinements that Affect Cost

The key objective of Invisalign is to straighten the patient’s teeth slowly and over time. Invisalign treatment providers also aim to ensure long-lasting effects on the patient’s teeth.

Sometimes things fail to go as planned. The recovery of teeth straightening can take longer than expected. Such uncertainties make the orthodontists provide the patients with refinements. The Invisalign cost can increase when adjustments need to be made, especially for people not in the doctor’s treatment plan.

Here are some reasons needed for refinements:

  • Not following the recommended time for wearing the aligners
  • Losing your aligners
  • Broken or cracked aligners
  • Anything that would cause your teeth to move that was not anticipated by your doctor.
  • Complex movements of difficult teeth
  • Slow movement of teeth

What Happens After Treatment

After you have finished treatment, then a final retainer will be created to keep your teeth from moving back to where they started.

Depending on your teeth, you will need to keep the retainer on for most of the day and night. After about six weeks you can move to wear the retainer just at night. Your doctor will help determine the proper schedule.

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