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Why write for is an online beauty organization where authors who are enthusiastic about beauty (beauty write for us), health, makeup, haircare, and skincare are accepted to share their ideas and suggestions.

In return, we guide people who want to know and learn tips and tricks about beauty, health & wellness, fashion, lifestyle,  makeup, fitness, hair care, and skincare.

If you are talented and expertise in this field, then share the hot topics and suggestions about beauty and everything related to it.



We are grateful to you!

TBG is always in search of freshers and expert practitioners of every domain related to beauty.

If you are a passionate writer and have primary and latest advice on the beauty world, hop on for submission guidelines.

If you can offer us a splendid write-up transforming your passion for beauty into it, we would love to make you one of our TBG team.

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What are we wanting?

Look, these are all our domains-

  • DIET

So, we are looking for proof that we want to write for us + beauty and all the domains separately.

Most importantly, we are seeking the trends & advice related to beauty on this page right now.

  • Please watch out these points while creating the content for us:
  • How will your thoughts help our readers?
  • The kind of readers who can properly utilize your content?
  • Make the reader as the vital focus than your content.

If you want any different format to aid the reader

If you have a beauty tutorial, you can get featured in that.

  • What precisely you need to do in that-
  • You can speak about Step by Step process of your beauty tutorial.
  • Provide before and after HD images to gain the trust of the audience.
  • You can say about the products used in the tutorial.

Categories That We Accept Article on Beauty Write For Us

Great! Contributing content for a beauty website is an exciting opportunity where creativity meets information. Below are some ideas for content:

1. Product Reviews: Provide detailed and honest reviews of different skin care products, makeup, haircare, etc. This can help readers make informed decisions about what they buy.

2. Tutorials and How-tos: Show your readers how to create a certain look or use a specific product. These can be in the form of photo tutorials or even video content.

3. Beauty Tips and Tricks: Share practical tips and hacks, such as ways to prolong makeup wear, revitalise skincare routine or easy hair styling tricks.

4. Profiles/Interviews: Highlight successful figures in the beauty industry, from makeup artists to company founders. These stories can inspire and inform your readers.

5. Industry Trends: Keep your readers informed on the latest trends in the beauty world, from runway-inspired looks to new products or application techniques becoming popular.

6. Skincare Routine Recommendations: Provide advice tailored towards different skin types (oily, dry, combination, sensitive) and age groups.

7. Home Remedies: Share DIY beauty treatments using ingredients found in the home, this could be particularly appealing to those interested in natural skincare.

8. Ethical Considerations: Discuss cruelty-free and vegan products, importance of recycling in beauty industry, or spotlight eco-friendly brands.

9. In-depth pieces talking about ingredients used in beauty products.

The key to success in this sphere is maintaining authentic and trustworthy voice – Never recommend a product you don’t personally believe in. High-quality visuals are a must in beauty content, too.

About Our Content

TBG offers you all the hacks and advice related to beauty and health. Notably, we deal with beauty, healthcare, fitness, hairstyle, haircare, skincare, & lifestyle.


Yes? Then you are in the right zone; we would love to hear what you have in your insights.

Whom are we searching for write for us + “beauty” guest blog?

We keep our eyes on all kinds of contents, whether you are a fresh writer or an experienced one.
The columns of TBG are open to guest blogs and also to collaborating articles.

To Submit, Follow Guidelines – Beauty Write For Us

If you wholeheartedly wish to be published on TBG, you must comply with all these guidelines:

  • First, please send us your best guest post samples.
  • Second, provide the content of at least 600+ words in length.
  • Third, the article must fulfil it’s topic in-depth.
  • You should include referral links.
  • No links should be commercial.
  • As a matter of fact, please do not try to repeat anything.
  • Do not submit anything dimed to plagiarism.
  • Also, the content must be solely genuine and unique.
  • In case of repetition and plagiarism, the chances are you will be disqualified.
  • Link your author’s bio at the bottom of the article.
  • It would be best if the article is ready to post with titles and images in format (optional). For the photos,
  • our editors can take care of them.
  • No grammar problems should occur; in particular, it’s better if it is checked in Grammarly.
  • Proper punctuations are equally important.
  • Decorate your article with the use of heading and sub-headings.
  • Together with internal links, mention external links.
  • Prioritize any word with a highlight, if needed.
  • Each of the paragraphs must include only three lines of utmost.

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