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What Is Eyestrain And How Does It Affect
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What Is Eyestrain And How Does It Affect

We explain what it is, what causes eyestrain and treatments and tips to reduce visual problems associated with screens.

Digital Eyestrain From Teleworking

Digital eyestrain is associated with excessive use of screens such as a computer, mobile or tablet.

It is possible that during the time that you have teleworked, not having an ergonomic workspace, you have noticed discomfort, not only in the back but also headaches and eye itching caused by spending too many hours in front of the computer or mobile phone. This eye strain problem is very common among people who make frequent use of screens. In addition, all this added to what has been said, of not having an adequate workspace, with a correct distance from the computer screen, not even emphasizing the importance of having the computer screen at the correct height, above your eyes.

What is Eyestrain

Visual fatigue is not an eye disease but the consequence of a demand on your eyes since it appears after excessive effort. When we put great effort on our eyes to focus on objects up close for a long time, our eyesight is in tension, something that does not happen in the same way when we look at the horizon, when we look from a distance, where such forced work is not done.

When we spend a lot of time reading or staring at a screen, the eye muscles manifest fatigue, visual fatigue. In the same way, in conditions of little or excessive light, our eyes are also forced to make a great effort to focus and regulate the entry of light.

Common Causes of Eyestrain

  • Spending a lot of time using near vision
  • Frequent near-far focus shifts
  • An inadequate light
  • Too many hours in front of a device: computer, mobile, television
  • I work with high visual attention
  • Environmental dryness

Symptoms of Eyestrains

Visual fatigue can manifest itself in several ways, although the most common are eye discomfort, headache, red and itchy eyes, and blurred or unfocused vision.

  • Headache
  • Irritated or dry eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Discomfort in the light
  • Double vision
  • Sparkles
  • Red eyes
  • Sensation of burning
  • Tearing

How to Avoid It

The main treatment for eyestrain is rest. You must take breaks and close your eyes periodically during your work hours if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above. Spending 8 hours in a row in front of a screen is tiring, not only mentally, but also your eyesight.

Take care of the lighting. Indoors, avoid reflections, take advantage of perpendicular natural light, also helping you with a table lamp. Outdoors, wear polarized glasses and don’t look directly at the sun. Check the brightness of your computer screen and increase the font size and images to not force it.

Look for new approaches; if you see that your vision becomes blurry, look at something that is medium or long distance (more than 6 meters).

Do exercises to rest your eyes, and if you notice itching or pain, rest your eyes in moments of darkness, apply a cold mask (some are put in the freezer and apply it to the eye area) and give gentle massages.

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