Benefits Of Sport For The Skin

Playing sports will help us to have a healthy life. Discover the many beneficial effects that benefits of sport for the skin.

That exercise is a source of benefits for our body is well known. It provides positive effects for the heart, circulation, weight control on a psychological level. In general, the benefits are always associated with organs and systems related to pathologies; blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and it is rarely mentioned that physical activity can also be a positive element for our skin, which must be remembered that it is the largest organ in the human body and occupies approximately 2 m².

When we think of the pairing of sport and skin, the word “protection” immediately comes to mind. Although we have mentioned that moving is also beneficial for the skin, we must never forget that it is basic and essential to protecting yourself when you are outdoors as the consequences can be dire.

Benefits of sport for the skin

But situating ourselves again in why the skin is favored by adequate exercise. We will mention that there are benefits at different levels:

More nourished skin

Being active improves blood circulation and, therefore, the nutrition of the skin. It will be more oxygenated, thus improving its quality and helping to reduce skin aging. In turn, better irrigation favors the elimination of toxins, which is accompanied by high production in sports practice. In addition to favoring quality, this provides a better tonality, that is, a better color.

Firmer skin

On the other hand, with the passage of time or weight changes, the skin loses its firmness and becomes more flaccid. This characteristic is determined, in part, by the presence of collagen, the most important component of the skin and an essential protein that offers support and resistance. The flab and tone are two skin qualities clearly; see who makes sport improved.

And in acne?

While there are no doubts about the benefits mentioned above, there are doubts in relation to a dermatological pathology that mainly affects adolescents: acne. Some experts associate the lack of perspiration in sportswear and facial creams with the worsening of the skin conditions of those who suffer from acne, while others comment that, thanks to the antibiotic properties of sweat, the appearance improves. Either way, what is clear and everyone recommends is to clean and dry the skin well after exercising.

The exercise-nutrition tandem

In general, a person who cares about his body and takes care of himself by exercising usually follows a healthy diet. So, eat foods that, in turn, are going to be beneficial for your skin. A clear example is an olive oil, a great ally for the heart and vascular system. As mentioned before, receives the positive effects of staying active since it will contribute to improving skin quality.

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