Tattoos On My Back, Will I Get An Epidural?

It is becoming more and more common for both men and women to get tattoos on different parts of the body. The doubts begin when we must practice a medical intervention in the area.

Although it is indeed a technique that has been present for centuries, this practice has become widespread in recent years, and now it is not strange to find people with tattoos on their backs.

These drawings based on ink injected below the dermis have an aesthetic purpose. Still, in cases such as pregnant women who have tattoos on the back, they can cause doubts when using the epidural in the delivery process.

What is An Epidural?

The epidural is an analgesic injected directly into the epidural space that temporarily sleeps the nerve endings in the area, which allows the pregnant woman to feel the legs, the gut and the contractions but not the pain, which makes the pregnancy more bearable. Future mother the process of childbirth.

This technique must be performed on the lower back. To introduce the analgesic into the patient, she must position herself lying on her side or sitting, contracting her stomach and arching her back outward. In pregnant women, reaching this position costs them a greater effort due to the dimensions of their belly. As it is an area close to the spine, the patient must be completely still during the process to avoid future complications in the nervous system.

Back And Epidural Tattoos

Many myths surround the use of the epidural, including the incompatibility with women who have tattoos on their backs. The belief that if the epidural was used in girls with tattoos, pigments could be dragged into the epidural area and thus create complications in women is not true.

However, there is a small risk in tattooed women introducing traces of ink into the nervous system. To avoid this, you have to make a small incision in the area where the needle is going to be inserted and in this way, contact with the ink and any subsequent complications will be avoided.


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