6 Makeup Techniques That Are Revolutionizing The Internet

There are many new ways of putting on makeup that is beginning to gain popularity among society. Today, makeup is part of our daily lives and, for this reason, we are always looking for new techniques that enhance our features. In this sense, many new makeup techniques are beginning to gain popularity in society.

These techniques are used by different celebrities, being a reference for many of us.

We are going to focus on 6 of the most widely used makeup techniques. Find out what each one of them consists of!


It is a technique that aims to sculpt the face, that is, define areas such as the cheeks or chin using makeup. For this, a colored shadow is used that, in addition, provides blush.

Specifically, it uses two shades of blush from the same range but with different intensity, lighter and darker.

To make it look natural, it is important to apply a little dark shadow and then blend. Then the lightest shade should be applied from the center of the cheek towards the cheekbone. Thus, a gradient from lighter to darker is obtained.


It is a makeup technique used with products before the makeup itself. Thus, it consists of mixing two products to obtain one with more power and effectiveness.

The most common is to mix a moisturizer with a little makeup base or mix your favorite lipstick shades. Thus, you get a more personalized result, and you get a 2 in 1.

Improvisation is the key to wishking! You are sure to discover the best mix for you.


Baking is the ideal technique to cover imperfections and result in smooth and fine skin. For this, the correct and translucent powders are used.

Thus, it consists of applying a cream concealer, between one and two layers, depending on the skin, and then blending it with a brush. The product must be perfectly integrated into the skin, and then apply the translucent powders.

After this, you have to wait about 10 minutes to obtain the perfect baking. It is one of the techniques most used by the Kardashians!


It is probably the simplest technique on this list and the one that gives the best results to people who try it.

It was created by one of the makeup artists of the MAC brand and consists of applying small touches of nude lipstick in areas such as the eyelids, forehead and cheekbones.

With this, a brighter and more illuminated look is achieved, highlighting and highlighting the features of your face. In addition, it is the body heat itself that makes this lipstick fade more easily, just as it would happen with cream or foundation.

For each skin tone, a different nude will be used, which fits perfectly with you. The results are impressive!


Contouring is the technique used to refine or enhance the features of the face using light and shadow. In this way, a more stylized and defined face is obtained.

It is best known since the results obtained are more than satisfactory. Areas such as the forehead, chin, nose or jaw can be defined.

The ideal products used for this technique to be done perfectly are a blush, an illuminator, an angled contour brush, and a bronzer.


Finally, now that we are approaching summer, one of the techniques most used to obtain a tanned effect is stripping.

The technique is based on the use of bronzing powders from cheek to cheek, passing through the nose, blending the product very well. The result is a jaw-dropping tan!

Thus, what is done is to apply the bronzer from the septum of the nose towards the cheek from one side to the other without lifting the brush. The results obtained are very natural.

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