How To Prolong The Duration Of Makeup In Hot Weather

In summer, keeping makeup intact can be challenging. Learn to put on makeup for hot days

Although we look more tanned skin, makeup is still an essential accessory during the summer. We like to wear vibrant lipsticks, hypnotic eyeshadows, vivid blushes, iridescent highlighters, etc. And all this, on days when temperatures can be suffocating, especially during the day. How to extend the duration of the makeup when the heat squeezes?

The main problem is usually the sweating of the skin, which especially affects the foundation, as well as the blush, the contour, or the highlighter. Sweat makes makeup products literally melt on your face, causing them to build upon expression lines and even fade in certain areas.

For this reason, we cannot apply makeup in the same way in summer as in winter. Take note of these tips to increase makeup duration in hot weather and enjoy vibrant moisture-proof looks:

Integrate your base

A trick so that the sweat does not ruin the makeup is to lighten the base layer that we apply to the skin. How? You can use a BB cream that integrates hydration and color, or you can mix your moisturizer with a few drops of makeup. In this way, we will obtain a more appropriate finish for high temperatures and a more natural-looking complexion. At the end of the day, in summer, we tend to have the most tanned face, and we must resort to the base only to unify the tone.

Use prebases

Although it is convenient for us to lighten the thickness of our makeup in the hot months, using fixing primers becomes a necessity. Both for the face and for the eyes. They will allow your makeup to last longer intact and prevent it from wiping away with sweating.

Practice the jamsu

We already told you about this peculiar makeup trick of the Korean. It consists of immersing the face in cold water for 30 seconds once we have applied the makeup products to the face. Namely: primer, base, contours, concealer, illuminator, and sealing powders. The objective is to achieve a matte, velvety-looking skin and, above all, a greater fixation of makeup.

If you prefer, you can apply the cold on the makeup in a less aggressive way, pressing lightly to the skin with an ice cube wrapped in paper. Of course, you must be careful not to rub it on the skin to avoid dragging the makeup.

Use waterproof makeup

The products of water-resistant makeup are ideal for summer, whether a party ends in a dip or to survive high temperatures without ending your eyes like a panda, from makeup bases to mascara, through eyeliners and cream eyeshadow. Any makeup product has its “waterproof” version. Get your summer set to prolong the duration of makeup on hot days.

For the eyes, both water-resistant pencil or eyeliner and mascara are basic (you’ll find it even in colors!), A basic. But also the shades in stick or pencil, it finishes with shimmer perfect for summer nights.

If you do not have a waterproof foundation, we recommend you get a primer with this function that you can apply even if you are going to use a BB cream.

For the blush, we recommend using a facial tint, which provides a long-lasting finish. But, if you prefer, you will also find the traditional blushes in water-resistant versions such as the Beter brand.

Defined lips

Although the skin of the lips does not suffer from the discomfort of sweating, it does occur with the skin around the mouth. That is why it is easy that during hot days, our lipstick ends up melting, and the color is transferred through the cracks of the lip contour, for example.

To avoid this, we recommend using a lip liner that keeps the lipstick in place. And so that the color does not fade with the passing of the hours, an ideal trick: after hydrating your lips (something that we recommend you do as the first step of the routine), paint them completely with the eyeliner pencil and then apply the lipstick. Thus, if it is slightly erased by rubbing with food and drink, the pencil will continue to keep your lips colored.

Another option is to use the same facial tint for the lips that we have recommended for the blush to keep them painted all day.

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