Everything You Need To Know About Lip Augmentation

Who would not want plump, hydrated, and well-marked lips? This type of ideal lips are desired by many, but few are the lucky ones. For many years there have been real aesthetic sloppies in terms of filling and lip augmentation, how have current treatments changed?

The medical-aesthetic treatments are in an accelerated growth to such an extent that one of every three Spaniards, in the year 2017, has undergone some aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery treatment (according to the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine).

Evolution of lip augmentation treatments

Decades ago, liquid silicone implants were used, so the results were uncertain and indefinite in nature, luckily all this has changed, and these types of fillers have been discontinued, at least legally, among aesthetic medicine professionals “, Explain.

Today, there is a wide range of permanent and temporary facial fillers that rejuvenate the patient’s lip, outline it, hydrate it, give it a greater projection, mark the cupid’s arch, correct asymmetries or simply add a little more volume. These fillers in the hands of specialists allow us to achieve 100% natural results and without any risk for the patient, says Dr. Kosmecki.

What is, in your opinion, the best product? Are these treatments accessible?

“I am usually using only hyaluronic acid products. This substance is already present in the body in a natural way, and it is the safest and most effective product for treatments in the perioral area, “responds Dr. Kosmecki. They use it to beautify the lips, increasing their volume, and enhancing their profile. Treatment is ambulatory and painless (with prior application of topical/injectable anesthesia), and the results are very natural.

Dr. Kosmecki tells us that we have more than 50 brands of hyaluronic acids. He chooses high-end products that ensure long-lasting patients (up to 12-16 months) and naturalness in the results obtained (mid-range products last 8-9 months and low-end around 2-4 months depending on the patient, and result in a swollen or bulging lip).

The truth is that prices vary: low-end products (€ 150-200) and high (€ 300-400 for the complete treatment with a hyaluronic acid syringe).

Other types of lip fillers would be cross-linked carboxymethyl cellulose, polyacrylamide gel, specific implants for lip augmentation, or the patient’s own fat. “Both at the level of complications and allergic reactions or expenses in the procedure, its use in quality aesthetic medicine is ruled out,” he adds.

Why choose hilauronic acid?

“Thanks to the use of hyaluronic acid, we can improve the structure of our lip, that is, mark the cupid’s arch, mark the filtrum, raise the corners, remove the barcode, rejuvenating the perioral area, outline the lip and give it a certain volume. Also, a good specialist can correct the asymmetries of the mouth, hydrate it, and reduce the gingival smile (discover more than 50% of gums during the smile).

The objective in facial treatments, as explained by the director of the Verkomed Clinic, is never to be left alone with the lip treatment itself, they always value the entire perioral area and if necessary, correct subsidences that form in the chin area or nasogenian grooves that are marked over time. After treatment, more defined and plump lips are obtained, with a much younger and more sensual appearance.

The treatment is applied through small injections with very fine needles. The intervention is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia (such as that of a dentist) is the usual procedure to avoid possible discomfort. As it is an intervention without surgery, the patient will be able to immediately return to work and continue with their daily life.

What kind of complications can arise in lip augmentation?

Normal is a slight inflammation of the area for 24-36 hours after injections, and it is the most common thing that can occur in most patients. Another complication that could arise is the appearance of a small hematoma after treatment, which takes two to three days to disappear completely, but it usually comes out in the mucosa area, making it easy to cover or hide it with lipstick.

It is common to see celebrities with very unnatural results. The expert assures us that many times these unsightly cases are the effects of old lip augmentation treatments, and, being permanent, they will never be removed (they could only be removed with rather annoying surgeries). Other causes, ensures that it may be that the doctor who has performed the treatment has not adjusted the volumes adequately. “For example, he has applied to a patient who has little lip thickness, in a single session, a large volume without observing the proportions of her face,” he explains.

For this reason, in cases of significant fillings and large volume changes, and after a previous assessment, the volume should be adjusted to match the harmony of the face. “On some occasions, I decide to carry out the treatment in parts (2-3 times), achieving the result expected by the patient,” says the medical director of the Verkomed Clinic.

When carrying out any aesthetic medical treatment, some very basic aspects must be taken into account. For a good result with lip augmentation, we must go to an aesthetic doctor with experience in the matter and above all that uses a suitable and quality type of filler. “We should avoid false promotions at very low costs. A good hyaluronic acid is an expensive product; you cannot do treatment with a good lip volume product for less than € 300. It should also be noted that hyaluronic acid syringes come with their needle already incorporated, which cannot be shared between patients since there would be a risk of possible infections between them. If your doctor offers you a treatment with half a syringe of hyaluronic acid, collect your things and run! », Advises Dr. Bastosz Kosmecki.

It also reminds us to keep in mind that before deciding to contract lip augmentation treatment. We should be examined and diagnosed by a specialist physician. “If you can contract the treatment by phone or online, and you are the one who chooses the product and the quantity to use, I do not recommend the treatment.”

Is the treatment reversible?

Fully reversible. After a year or a year and a half has passed, the lips will return to their previous state at the volume level. There are a number of advantages that will last us once the treatment has been carried out, including an improvement in the hydration of the mucosa (it can last much longer if the treatment has been carried out to improve the lip contour). This will continue to be more marked thanks to the stimulation of the collagen produced by the hyaluronic acid filler, likewise, if the treatment has been carried out for a rejuvenation of the perioral area, the wrinkles that at first have completely disappeared, after this period of time, they will not return in their entirety due to the same stimulation of the tissues when injecting hyaluronic acid “, responds the specialist.

The reversibility of lip augmentation treatment (and its variables explained) is advantageous for patients and those who come from other centers with an unsightly result. For them, they have an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which allows the hyaluronic acid to be completely removed, so that later, correct reconstruction of the treatment can be carried out. “The problem is found with those who have permanent fillers or other products that are irreversible, but fortunately, they are less and less frequent,” he points out.

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