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Three Tips To Avoid Frizzy Hair In Summer

During the summer, we imagine ourselves on the beach, with the ideal bikini and the perfect mane. With those surf waves that we want to imitate from the surfers and also with their Californian wicks golden and degraded by the sun. That’s where the frizzy hair appears, and then that idyllic image always gets spoiled because it’s not easy to get hair with that beauty or fashion magazine editorial result.

Heat, sun, sand, salt, and chlorine become the worst combination for healthy hair, and the “frizz” effect becomes the number one enemy, both during and after the summer. Experts say that dry and punished hair suffers the most hated frizz, but it does not mean that healthy hair cannot suffer too.

We have the tips of ReGenesis experts to avoid frizzy hair in summer. Easy to follow and with which you will be able to improve that unwanted effect.

Wash it daily

Despite the widespread belief that washing your hair every day hurts your hair. ReGenesis experts reveal: «Each hair has its times, the greasiest need daily washing, while the driest only a few times a week. However, if we are on the beach we must wash it every day to leave it clean and prevent components such as salt, chlorine or sand from damaging it and causing the dreaded frizz, “explains Sara Diez, Training Manager at ReGenesis

They recommend their ReGenesis Thickening Shampoo Strengthening Shampoo because it contains a phyto-infused formula that provides optimal health to the scalp, preventing frizz and revitalizing the hair cuticle to improve the thickness of the shaft of each follicle.

Don’t forget the conditioner.

“Most of us use the mask as our main ally during the summer holidays, but in reality, this should be our secondary product, applying it only a few times a week to give it extra nutrition. If we use it every day during washing, we will grease it, achieving an unwanted effect. However, the conditioner is the ideal daily ally, since the hair contains from 10% to 15% of water and part of it evaporates with the arrival of heat. The conditioner manages to counteract this by increasing the level of hydration with each wash, “says Sara Diez.

Your bet to avoid frizzy hair is the ReGenesis ™ Thickening Conditioner, whose unique formula, in addition to hydrating hair and keeping its water levels stable, treats hair thickening by providing specialized ingredients to optimize your health, providing volume and purifying fine hair.

Cut the split ends.

«The myth that hair grows more if you cut it we know that it is not true, but without a doubt, cutting it before the arrival of summer will make you get rid of that split ends, which if we do not cut in time they will start to split all the time. Hair causing it to wear out faster when exposed to high temperatures. And since we know that a cut in time is never something to which we are willing, with the ReGenesis foam, we will be able to increase the thickness, forgetting about the length and feeling the hair with more of the volume », explains the ReGenesis expert.

The product they recommend is the ReGenesis Fast Absorbing Foam, a fast-absorbing fine hair mousse that combines the proprietary technology of the BioPeptin Complex with the power of essential nutrients, fortifying peptides, and protective plant extracts. This lightweight, easy-to-apply enhancer helps improve hair texture, shine, and body for a healthier, fuller look.

You can also take into account some extra tips to control frizzy hair such as washing hair with lukewarm water, styling carefully and with the appropriate instruments, using anti-frizz serum or argan oil, and not drying yourself vigorously. If your obsession is 100% taking care of your hair, do you know Dyson Supersonic, the star dryer on the market? One of his great achievements is avoiding frizz, among many other virtues.

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