What is a spa pedicure?

The spa pedicure goes beyond a simple foot manicure. It is a relaxing experience focused on foot care, which is based on a combination of health, aesthetics, and relaxation. The idea is that you can show off beautiful feet, but also relax while you take care of them, through a treatment that is used to release tension and improve circulation.

It is during the summer, and more especially during the holidays when we most suffer from foot problems (nails, hardness, cracks, etc.). Problems that can ruin our tourist plans and prevent us from wearing our favorite summer shoes. If we combine this need to take care of and perfect our feet for the summer, with the idea of ​​dedicating a moment of relaxation, we will find the answer in the spa pedicure.

It is an ideal treatment to carry out at the beginning of the summer that will allow you to wear sandals with beautiful and healthy-looking feet. If you can also do it during the holidays, it will serve as a starting point to disconnect your mind from stress and start with the rest period you deserve.

What is a spa pedicure?

We are talking about a more intensive treatment than the traditional pedicure since, in addition to fixing the toenails (cuticles, cut, filing, color) and painting them, the lower leg is worked in order to relax tensions and reduce stress. This involves performing a series of steps that go beyond nail care:

Foot bath:

The spa pedicure is usually started with a bath with aromatic salts, relaxing essential oils, or a special antibacterial gel.


To remove impurities and dead cells in the lower leg. It also activates circulation.

Hardness filing:

It is worked with a file or lathe, for example, areas such as heels, soles, or the contours of the little finger and thumb of the foot.

Application of masks:

To hydrate and improve the hardness of the skin and leave a soft and silky touch.


The foot and calf are massaged in search of a greater sensation of relaxation, as well as to relax and activate circulation. Every part of the foot and calf (an area that is normally heavily loaded) is carefully and carefully worked in search of good sensations.

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