Tips for a healthy tan

We all want to achieve that healthy skin tone that favors us so much, but not at any price.

There are many reasons why we love sunbathing and sporting a healthy tan. It increases serotonin levels and produces a feeling of peace and happiness. In addition, it activates the production of vitamin D in our body, essential for the good health of bones, teeth, or skin. But if there is something that we really love, it sees ourselves in the mirror with that tan that favors us so much because a vibrant lipstick or pretty eye shadow doesn’t look the same without tanned skin.

But not at any price. We know very well that if we abuse the sun, the medium-term effects will be devastating and irreversible:

– Premature wrinkles: the early appearance of wrinkles is a classic symptom of having sunbathed too much or even abused the UVA booths. Is a tan worth that much?

– Spots on the skin: Consult your dermatologist if you take oral contraceptives since they can have this type of effect in sun exposure.

– Skin cancer: the prevention of melanomas and carcinomas make the constant use of sunscreen a health issue.

And let’s not forget the effects in the short term, capable of ruining a few days of vacation: burns, heatstroke, etc.

Therefore, we propose you to change the chip and practice conscious tanning, to show off a healthy tan this summer. This is what you should keep in mind:

Choose the correct sunscreen

Don’t just look at the Sun Protection Factor  (SPF) and look for the term “broad spectrum.” This will ensure that you fully protect your skin. In solar radiation, 95% is UVA rays (the ones that cause blemishes and wrinkles), while the remaining percentage is UVB rays (causing skin redness and sunburn). Find a product that protects from both radiations.

But keep in mind that the protectors that include UVB sunscreen inhibit the redness of the skin, and this can give you a false sense of security that makes you forget the need to repeat the application of the product at least every two hours.

And, very importantly, don’t wear last year’s sunscreen. It can play tricks on you and surprise you when you thought you were protecting your skin.

Control the tanning time

There is no point in spending the day on the beach on the towel, considering that our skin has a cap from which it cannot produce more melanin. Normally, the limit is from two or three hours if we have medium or even dark skin. Less, if we talk about clear skin.

Rest from the sun

Resting from the sun from time to time for a few minutes on the beach or in the pool will provide you with a healthier and longer-lasting tan, as it reduces the intensity of UV rays and the risk of burns. Escape to the beach bar to cool off with a drink or go under the umbrella to read a little. Similarly, during vacation periods with daily beach or pool sessions, it is advisable to rest from the sun on alternate days. Your skin will appreciate it.

Foods for a healthy tan

The skin also has its own SPF: lycopene. It is an antioxidant that we find in vegetables and fruits of red and orange colors, such as tomato or red pepper. Including these foods in your diet on a regular basis can increase our tolerance to the sun. It is also convenient to include foods with polyphenols, such as legumes and green tea.

Every two hours

Repeat the application of the photoresist at least every two hours. If you bathe, apply the product again when you get out of the water, even if it indicates that it is waterproof.

Take care of your moles.

Apply maximum protection to the most visible moles and spots on your skin. Watch your evolution every season and avoid burning yourself, especially in those areas.

Healthy tanning: myths to banish

– A protector with high SPF prevents tanning – FALSE. UVB rays activate melanin, and after three or four days, the pigmentation of the skin is visible. Sunscreens only block up to 98% of these rays.

– If you are already brown, you do not need sun protection – FALSE. The damage is the same.

– If there is no sun, you cannot burn – FALSE. Cloudy days are usually conducive to serious burns on the skin, due to the false sensation created by the fact of not seeing the sun directly.

– Sunscreen should only be applied when sunbathing – FALSE. A simple walk can burn our skin, favoring its premature aging.

– With sunscreen, you can sunbathe as many hours as you want – FALSE. The abuse of the sun is harmful even if we protect ourselves with specific products. You have to sunbathe with your head.

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