Five Foods That Will Help You Get The Most Envied Tan This Summer

Some food groups help to naturally increase melanin levels, the pigment in charge of giving skin its color.

The long-awaited summer officially begins and, with it, trips to the beach, afternoons at the pool, or barbecues with friends become common plans to enjoy and escape from the routine that accompanies us during the rest of the year. The sun’s arrival and high temperatures create a perfect setting to shed our shirts and pants and show off perfect skin and a scandalous tan.

To achieve this naturally, some foods will help you prepare your skin for the sun and allow you to achieve an envied natural tan due to its properties that contribute to the activation of melanin, the pigment in charge of giving color to your body. It is important to remember the importance of protecting our body from direct sun exposure, which can damage our skin; therefore, the use of sunscreen is essential.

To achieve this goal and show off a envied tan this summer, we bring you five food groups that will help you naturally increase your levels of this substance:

Beta carotenes

A classic that never fails. This nutrient is present in red, orange, and yellow vegetables and fruits. Within this group, and beyond carrots, foods such as tomato (perfect for taking in the form of gazpacho or salmorejo), spinach, pumpkin, or peppers stand out. We recommend that you include them in your diet 15 days before sun exposure to notice their effects.

Foods rich in Omega 3

This acid present in oily fish, seeds, nuts, or avocados will help you activate melanin and protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, in addition to being a powerful antioxidant and preventing the aging of our skin, is another of the great allies in searching for the perfect tan. You can find it in kiwi, orange, red fruits, broccoli, or cauliflower.


Foods rich in minerals such as selenium, zinc, sulfur, or magnesium are key to achieving a beautiful and long-lasting tan. Selenium, we can find it in cucumber, mussels, or garlic. For its part, the rest of the minerals can be found in shellfish, legumes, egg yolk, or onions.

Vitamin B

Finally, you should not leave aside those foods such as meat, eggs, or dairy, rich in this vitamin that, in addition to helping your envied tan, improves cell functions and, therefore, the appearance of hair and skin.

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