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Why Work from Home is Not Beneficial in the Long Run for Employees
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Why Work from Home is Not Beneficial in the Long Run for Employees

Most of us who are used to working 9-5 in an office were really excited when the work from home model became mandatory during the pandemic. The initial few months were really beneficial as you got to stay back home with your family. Spending no time to commute and just working in your pajamas seemed fun in the starting months. We have been working from home for over two years, so the disadvantages are clearly visible.

We have highlighted a few for you below.

1. Increased In-activity:

Going to the office needed you to get up from your bed, get ready, and commute to work. You also needed to move around the office premises, adding at least 3000 steps to your daily step counter. As you work from home, you need not even get down from your bed to log in to your office laptop. This seems to be a significant problem for many, leading to health issues. This has caused increased obesity in employees. Hence, join GymNation Classes so that you can become more active and get back in shape soon.

2. Work-Life Dis-balance:

While working from home, as your boss knows, you always have access to the work laptop. You may get calls to finish tasks in odd hours. This does not happen when you go to work physically. You must stick to your work time at home, or the differentiation will vanish, and your work will seep into your personal space.

3. Productivity Decreases:

When you go to office space, your mind automatically shifts from home to work, and your focus improves. While you have a work desk in your home, you are still in the same room with your family, which means you’ll definitely get distracted for sure, and this decreases productivity.

4. Failed Team Building:

Team building can happen only when all team members interact with each other. Through online conference calls, you get to talk to your teammates, but still, without being physically present during working hours, it makes a difference to build the team, which usually fails.

5. Poor Social Life:

The social life that you get to enjoy physically at work is something that is not possible when everyone is working from home. While you go to work, you meet other colleagues and form a group of friends. This is lacking when you work from home; hence you may feel isolated.

6. Increased Back and Neck Pain:

While working in an office, you will obviously be given an excellent ergonomically designed desk and chair. These things are expensive; hence, you may not be able to afford the best deal and chair, which means you may develop neck, back, and shoulder pain eventually if your posture is not correct.

The Bottom Line:

Many offices are gearing up to restart, while others have decided to continue with the work from the home model to save their overhead charges. Well, both these models have their benefits and disadvantages. The ideal way of working should be 2 days from home and 3 days in the office. This will give you that much-needed balance and will improve your overall performance.

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