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Hair Masks Why Use Them in Summer
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Hair Masks: Why Use Them in Summer?

Our hair has specific needs that must be met with products capable of improving its appearance, strength and structure. And, more than ever, with the arrival of summer, in which our hair suffers especially because of the use of thermal products such as the dryer or the hair straightener, and chemical treatments such as dyes or bleaches, now join the UV rays, excessive sweating, chlorine from swimming pools, saltpeter from the sea. Too many enemies make the use of hair masks so necessary, especially during the summer season.

After washing, it is essential to pamper the hair with a conditioner or mask. But beware, it is not the same, and the two products are not interchangeable. Conditioner should be used after every shampoo, and together they are the perfect match.

Hair masks, on the other hand, are not regular treatments. Thanks to its rich texture and active ingredients capable of penetrating deeply, they perform a more intense action than conditioners. To avoid weighing the hair down, they should not be applied with every wash but should be used regularly. We discover how to apply them and how often to show off shiny, hydrated and ultimately healthy hair.

How to apply the mask: step by step

  1.  Wash hair and rinse well to remove any shampoo residue.
  2.  Dry it well with a towel.
  3.  Apply the hair mask on lengths and ends, distributing it evenly.
  4.  Leave to act for the expected time, following the instructions on the package.
  5.  Rinse thoroughly to remove the mask completely: not doing so does not prolong or increase its effect. On the contrary, it makes them get dirty faster.
  6.  Gently dry the hair, first rubbing it and then using the hairdryer at a moderate temperature. When possible, let it air dry: in addition to reducing stress on the hair fiber, energy is saved, and CO2 emissions are reduced.

How long should we leave the mask on our hair?

Keep in mind that the processing time is decisive for the effectiveness of hair treatments. Ten minutes is the average, but it could also be more or less.

How much product should be used and how often?

Adding too much does not improve the result; it only makes rinsing more laborious. Therefore, you have to dose the correct amount of mask according to the density and length of the hair and the areas where you want to apply.

There are also specific masks for the scalp or lengths and ends.

Regarding the frequency, it is recommended approximately twice a month, but the correct frequency depends on the needs of each hair, the number of washes that are carried out and the product that is used.

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