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Abdominal Exercises With Bosu
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Abdominal Exercises With Bosu

Discover the usefulness of bosu to perform abdominal exercises. It will help you improve the stability and strength of the trunk.

The abdominal musculature has been and continues to be one of the anatomical areas that have focused the interest of many people. In some cases, this interest is usually related to an “aesthetic” theme, wearing the famous “six-packs”. It is also the center of attention for those who seek to improve their health, not only in terms of weight but also in terms of improvement in the muscles related to the stability of the trunk.

Work the core, posture and balance with abdominal exercises

For some years now, sports centers and clubs have offered their members directed classes and sessions for activities such as running. Some are specifically aimed at improving the core, which is made up of different muscles but also needs others located in the trunk, which is known as the “core” (center). It is composed, among others, of the muscles of the pelvic, transverse, rectum and oblique floors of the abdomen, multifidus, buttocks and erectors of the spine. It is considered the “natural girdle” that our body has.

There are multiple ways to train and work at this level, and one of them is with bosu. Bosu should be part of the basic equipment of a home gym. Bosu is a word that comes from an acronym that means “both sides up” and has been part of the panorama of the fitness world for more than 15 years. It is a plastic hemisphere, usually made of latex, which has a hard plastic base that prevents it from slipping. Due to its characteristics, both sides can be used as a base/platform for training and hence its name. Many routines can be performed with bosu as equipment. They range from work to improve balance (proprioception) to cardiovascular exercises, postural control and/or to tone and activate the muscles of different parts of the body.

Instability is the property that makes this object a very interesting element to vary functional work routines and make them more enjoyable but more demanding, adapt them according to the needs and characteristics of each individual.

At first, the use of bosu can be complex since the technique is essential, so it is essential to make the most of the resources and possibilities it offers and not injure yourself.

Routine of abdominal exercises with bosu

There are different, more or less basic exercises to work the abdominal muscles, in which bosu is an interesting element to incorporate.

  • The typical plank is one of the most common exercises for those who use bosu. Put the elbows and forearms placed at right angles to the shoulders and supported on top of the rubber with the trunk and legs fully extended. The support points of the legs on the floor will be the toes. In this way, the body is completely straight, and it is the abdominal wall responsible for maintaining stability with its work of contraction. You do not have to raise your head, but it should be in a straight line with your back.
  • The “crunch” is the most “helpful” type of abs, and bosu can also be an option to complement this exercise. In this case, it is advisable to change your position and face the ceiling above the bosu, arching your back and leaving your feet on the ground for support at a 90º angle. Raise the trunk looking for the knees, always taking great care of the movement without being abrupt, both at the time of elevation and descent.
  • The legs can also be part of different alternatives, such as those in which we seek balance. Placing the buttocks on the bosu, keeping the back straight and picking up the legs with the arms will be necessary to try to find stability to avoid falling. Who works to achieve this stability are the core muscles. If you want to make the exercise more complicated to increase the demand and the difficulty, the legs can be raised and lowered as a “scissor”.
  • Although exercise is very healthy, we must adapt it to our physical form. We must know our physical form before starting to play sports.

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