5 Of The Best Beauty Tools For Glowing Skin

Whether you’re planning a winter, summer, or even a virtual wedding, every bride deserves to feel beautiful on their big day.

Months spent picking out the perfect dress, hours thinking about a hairstyle, salon appointments for practically every inch of our body. Sometimes the pressure to feel our best bubbles over into frantic chaos; we get it, we’ve lived it. That’s why we’re easing the stress of knowing what to do to prepare for your big day and focusing on one thing that’ll leave you glowing – your skin.

We might think our make-up artist has got our face covered, but there’s a lot we can do to improve the complexion and appearance of our face in the lead up to the big day. Whatever your skin struggle, we’ve got you covered; we’re going through different common skin struggles that brides face leading up to their big day and tools which can help you achieve that overall glow.

How do I prepare my face?

Before you use any beauty tools on your face, you want to make sure your skin is ready. Always start with a clean base and add a hydrating facial oil to your skin before working with the tools, unless stated otherwise.

Warm up to prep

Facial massaging is all about muscle manipulation, so a warm up is a really important step to getting the best results; waking up the muscles in your face prepares them for sculpting and tension release.

To warm up;

  • Using both the palms of your hands, swipe up your face in long gentle movements
  • Tap your fingers from the top of your face down towards the bottom, again to stimulate muscles under the skin
  • Repeat these warm up movements for 20 seconds

Give your skin recovery time

When working your facial muscles, it’s good to think of them like any other muscle in your body after a workout; they need a recovery period. You might feel a little red after a workout; this is normal. Look for products packed with EFG that help to reduce fine lines and restore your skin’s natural radiance.

The massage ball, perfect for a tired face

We can try as much as we like to sleep but let’s face it in the lead up to a wedding; we’re so filled with excitement and nerves that it can be hard to get a good night’s rest, and unfortunately, our face can give that away.

The long nights refreshing the weather app and going over your table seating plan for the millionth time can quickly catch up to us. Most of the reason we look tired is because our muscles are holding onto a lot of tension. Releasing the knots in our facial muscles increases blood flow and improves muscle function.

Try a massage ball for our face. You can use one at your desk at work, on the sofa at home, during your commute.


1. Relieves muscle tension

2. Boosts lymphatic drainage

3. Improves muscle tone

Pulse technology to lift and tighten your face

When it comes to re-shaping our faces, there are lots of brands helping us revolutionise our faces with no more than our hands. However, if you want to elevate the targeting of the muscles and activate your muscles further, then this is where tools can really help. When you’re working to manipulate your facial muscles to achieve a “facelift”, tools which have pulse technology can boost effectiveness.

You can use these tools across your whole face and neck, move it in upwards and outwards movements to help tighten and define your face.


1. Deep tissue muscle manipulation tone and tightens your face

2. Works the connective tissue to which gives a lifted appearance

3. Defines facial contouring and de-puffs

Multi-sculpt tools to detoxify your face

When we think about removing toxins from our face, the beauty industry usually talks about lymphatic drainage. Techniques and tools are used to promote the flow of lymphatic fluid. Draining this excess fluid helps to contour, depuff and reduce fine lines. For effective drainage, you can use multi-sculpt tools that help massage and tighten your face.

How to use a multi-sculpt tool:

  • Use the long edge of a sculpting tool for best results, use light pressure starting with the neck in downwards motions before moving onto the rest of your face
  • Hold your tool at a 15-degree angle and keep contact with the skin, using slow movements


1. Drains your body of toxins

2. Helps put your face in a state of rest and repair

3. Rids your face of excess water retention which helps to de-puff

Microneedle roller

If you’re looking to take your beauty regime one step further, have you thought about microneedling? Microneedling rollers are made up of thousands of dissolving microneedles that puncture the skin, creating controlled cell rejuvenation and collagen production.

If you’re just starting out with microneedling, here are some good tips to follow:

  • First use the roller on clean, dry skin, rolling in upwards and outwards motions across your whole face and neck for 5 minutes
  • Now apply a hydrating serum and repeat the above step for another 5 minutes
  • Use your roller in the evening to help skin breathe after treatment

It might sound a little scary, but this treatment is painless and doable at home, though if you’re a little unsure, plenty of beauticians and skincare brands offer these treatments too.


1. Promotes cell rejuvenation which helps brighten skin

2. Reduces the appearance of scarring, pore size, and stretch marks

3. Promotes collagen production which helps reduce fine lines

The right product for hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a really common skin problem; whether it’s dark spots or scars that won’t go away, most of us have struggled with them. Not all hope is lost though, plenty of products can help improve your complexion.

1. Using a gentle acid exfoliator on your skin can help increase regular cell regeneration and reduce uneven skin tones

2. When it comes to brightening our skin, Vitamin C in any form (serums, mists, creams) helps with melanin production that improves your skin’s discoloration

3. Retinol massively helps speed up cell production; if you’re just starting out, make sure to build up tolerance slowly as your skin can react sensitively. A good tip is applying SPF afterwards to protect your face from any sun damage.


1. Enhances a natural glow to tired and dull skin

2. Targets dark spots and pigmentation

3. Reduces skin discoloration

However you choose to prepare for your big day, we hope these tools might go a little way in adding an extra spring in your step.

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