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6 Steps To Find the Best Hairdresser in Penrith

A salon should be a place of peace and relaxation. It should be a refuge where you are free to be vulnerable while you treat yourself to some well-deserved pampering. It should be a haven where you put your cares aside and allow talented professionals to tend to your styling needs. Finding such a paradise is easier said than done, so it’s important to find the right salon so you can truly enjoy your experience. Luckily, Penrith is home to many talented stylists and welcoming salons. Here are six steps to choosing the best salon in Penrith.

Choose Your Location

Whether you’re looking for a hairdresser in Penrith, or you’re willing to travel a bit for your visit, there are plenty of salons for you to choose from. Decide how far you’d like to travel to your salon, and then look specifically within that area. You don’t want to perform an internet search and find the perfect salon, only to realize it’s 100 kilometres away.

Visit the Salon

Once you’ve designated a salon that seems to fit your needs, pay them a visit. You can get a feel for an establishment by simply walking in and looking around. Pay attention to how you’re greeted upon arrival, peruse the products they have for sale and take note of the patrons visiting the salon and stylists working. If the general vibe and aesthetic are pleasing to you, move to step three.

Pick a Stylist

Picking a stylist can feel like taking a shot in the dark mode, but these tips should help. First, investigate whether the salon ranks its stylists in terms of experience. A master stylist will charge more, but you’ll be getting an experienced, reputable expert. You may also consider which stylist is busiest. Simply put, the better a stylist is, the more quickly their bookings are filled. Lastly, see if there is a stylist that specializes in what you are looking to have done. If you have very long hair, exceptionally curly hair, or are looking for a complicated colouring service; you want to make sure your stylist is an expert in that area. Each stylist will have different areas of expertise, so be sure to pick one whose skills match your particular needs.

Book a Consultation

Once you find a stylist, book a consultation to meet them before the appointment. Most stylists will offer a free consultation, and even though you’re not paying them for the meeting, they should still be attentive and listen carefully to what you want. How they respond to your wants and needs during the consultation will give you an idea of how they’ll respond during your actual appointment. Once you find the best hairdresser in Penrith, book online or give them a call, and then get ready to meet your new stylist.

Scan Their Social Media

Most reputable salons and stylists will have a strong social media presence. This is where they’ll post some of their work, so it serves as a kind of portfolio. The convenient thing about a social media feed is that it’s more up-to-date than a traditional portfolio would be, so if there is a newer style or trend you’re looking for, their most recent social media posts will offer proof of their on-trend work.

Ask Around

If all of your efforts have been fruitless, go the old-fashioned way and ask your network of friends and family for their thoughts on who the best hairdresser in Penrith may be. Word of mouth recommendations are worth more than any website review or social media account, so take suggestions seriously. By talking to people you know, you may get the name of a great stylist, or perhaps even more helpful; you may get a tip on which salons or stylists to avoid!

Finding a great salon and stylist isn’t easy, but once you do find the perfect place, it can be a match made in heaven. Take these tips into consideration and find your perfect Penrith salon today!

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