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Nutritional Keys To Lose Weight Correctly
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Nutritional Keys To Lose Weight Correctly

Are you trying to lose weight but still haven’t found the right key? Don’t worry; we are going to give you a series of practically infallible keys.

To lose weight successfully, it is not enough to just “eat less,” but some strategies to keep in mind. An efficient change in body composition will positively impact health since obesity is behind the development of many pathologies.

However, it is still a challenge for many to reduce the percentage of body fat in the body. For this reason, we will describe the mechanisms that must be taken into account to achieve the proposed objectives, although a certain amount of effort will always be necessary.

Nutritional keys to losing weight

If you want to lose weight correctly, pay attention to the following nutritional keys. Also, keep in mind that it is advisable to combine a proper diet with regular physical exercise. For example, with strength activities, an increase in muscle mass is achieved, which facilitates the oxidation of fat tissue.

Eat fewer meals

Many nutrition experts recommend eating at least 5 meals a day. However, this is a mistake in most cases. The more times you eat, the more likely you exceed your total daily energy intake.

On the contrary, it is difficult to achieve a caloric intake of more than 2,000 calories in just a couple of meals, at least as long as fresh food is consumed. This is why intermittent fasting works so well. In addition, they have benefits at the metabolic level, according to a study published in the journal Nutrients.

Keep in mind that spending a certain amount of time without eating stimulates physiology, making the human body more efficient. You should not go too far in this regard, but fasts of 16 hours practiced with some frequency tend to be positive in most cases.

Eat more protein

Eat more proteinAnother common mistake has to do with not meeting your daily protein requirements. If the needs of these nutrients are not covered, a reduction in muscle tissue will be experienced in the medium term, which translates into lower basal energy expenditure.

These are fundamentally those of animal origin. Research published in the Annal of Nutrition & Metabolism journal states that it is convenient for a healthy sedentary adult to eat more than 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of weight per day. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to ensure that the protein intake is adequate and that versions of these nutrients’ high biological value appear daily.

Eat fruit at the right times

The fruit has several health benefits. This food concentrates phytonutrients with antioxidant capacity, which are necessary to prevent chronic and complex diseases.

However, it also contains fructose inside. For this reason, it is advisable to avoid consuming a piece of fruit in isolation. It is best to always place this product after the main meals. The presence of proteins, fat, and fiber in these will decrease the gastric emptying speed, which dampens the effect of simple sugars on blood glucose levels.

With this strategy, a lower impact is achieved at the metabolic level, especially in insulin resistance. In this way, protection is generated against type 2 diabetes and the development of other chronic diseases that can condition the use of nutrients for energy production.

Don’t eat at night

The last of the keys to losing weight correctly has to do with avoiding nighttime meals. When the sun goes down, a series of hormonal changes occur whereby the body becomes less able to metabolize various nutrients, including sugars.

For this reason, eating at night is often associates with poorer health and body composition. Dining early, before the sun goes down, usually pays off quite a bit. If not, it is recommend to avoid a large presence of carbohydrates at this time of day.

Try the nutritional keys to lose weight correctly

As you have seen, the nutritional keys to lose weight correctly are not difficult to follow. You only have to make certain modifications inhabits to be able to comply with them without major problems.

However, to maximize results, we recommend to perform strength exercise frequently and get a good night’s sleep, at least 7 hours. Take note and get going to achieve your goals!

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