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Exercises To Build Muscle At Home
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Exercises To Build Muscle At Home

Do you want to build muscle at home? Find a suitable space in your home, put on comfortable clothes, and add the exercises we recommend below to your routine.

For those who do not desire to join a gym, it can be helpful to know that it is possible to build muscle at home. Regardless of the environment in which you carry out your training, gaining muscle mass is possible.

To hypertrophy properly, you need discipline, inspiration, and a series of exercises suitable for each person’s physical condition. There are no excuses! Here are some exercises to do at home, most of them without the need for gym equipment or machines.

Alternatives to building muscle at home

The comfort of your home can help you establish a routine to train with sufficient motivation and confidence. Try to add the following exercises to your weekly routine and adapt them to your physical condition to build muscle in your own home.

Negative push-ups

Negative push-upsWhatever you call them, push-ups or arms are part of the main routine exercises in bodybuilding. This work has several variants and allows to stimulate the muscles of the arms and torso.

We recommend you implement negative push-ups to increase the resistance and muscular strength of the body. To perform them, you must adopt the starting position of the conventional push-up. That is support on the tip of the feet and palms of the hands, extended body, and straight back.

Execute the movement normally, but when you meet your body close to the ground, do the extension as slowly as possible. This movement is the negative phase of the exercise, where the emphasis should be placed on this push-up.

Triceps kick

Triceps kickThe triceps kick is an exercise designed to target the back of the arm. It is usually done with a dumbbell, but you can find another useful element to exercise at home.

As for technique, stand with your legs asymmetrically spread apart, one further forward than the other. Flex the one that is supported later and leave the other extended.

From that position, lean your torso slightly forward and support one of your hands. The support can be done on a wall or the back of a chair that is firm. With the free arm, you should grab the dumbbell or the element. Then, you should place it parallel to the floor, taking advantage of the inclination of the torso.

Flex and extend your arm harmoniously. As you complete the set reps, switch arms; remember that you must also change the support of the legs when doing so.

Jumping lunges

Jumping lungesTo build muscle at home, making the jumping lunge, you only need a space to perform the exercise. You can, for example, move the chairs in the main room or look for an empty room.

First, stand up with your legs shoulder-width apart. From there, do a jump where you bring one leg back. The leg goes back thanks to the extension of the hip. In addition, it must be semi-flexed, with the knee close to the floor and the support on the ball of the foot.

For its part, the front leg should be bent at an angle of approximately 90 degrees. Make the support on the sole, and when doing it, descend with the body and gain momentum for the new jump. When jumping, change the support of the legs; that is, it takes the one that was front to back and vice versa.


Climbers - Build Muscle At HomeA muscle-building routine at home might not be complete if the muscles of the mid-body area are not included. We recommend doing climbers at different intensities to work the lumbar region, the obliques, and the abdomen.

First of all, to perform this exercise, position yourself in 4 supports, toe, and palms, as if you were doing conventional push-ups. Keep your hands supported as well as your arms extended. Meanwhile, bring your knees as close to your chest as possible. Try to bend one knee behind the other so as not to lose support.

Climbers can be performed at different intensities; this will depend on your physical condition. You can start doing them slowly and increase or execute the exercise with varying intensities within the same series doing some repetitions faster than others.

Building muscle at home is possible.

Around the training, there are many wrong thoughts or unfounded “myths”. One of them refers to muscle building or increased muscle size. Usually, it believes that not using excessive weights, machines, or items gym does not allow build muscle.

However, there are training methods such as calisthenics, which use the body’s weight for this purpose. In this sense, a scientific study showed positive results in terms of bodybuilding and strength through Quadriceps.

In short, building muscle at home is not impossible, quite the opposite. However, you need to be disciplined, constant, and never lose sight of the correct technique for each exercise. Finally, aspects such as a correct diet and a good rest are essential for this objective.

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