Nursing Bra: How To Choose The Most Suitable One

Nursing Bra motherhood opens up a new world for you, also when it comes to lingerie. Discover everything you need to know to hold your chest comfortably at this stage

Of all the things that change with the arrival of a baby in a house, perhaps one of the least taken into account by mothers is that of clothing. Because, yes, after maternity clothes, breastfeeding comes, which is no longer so easy to find, nor is it offered with so much variety.

There are times and a lot of hope to look for maternity clothes with which to feel comfortable and beautiful. But, once the baby arrives, fashion, beauty, and, personal hygiene, become a utopia. In fact, breastfeeding fashion becomes something limited and expensive, which at first can make a world for the mother. The nursing bra then becomes a basis to which it is worth spending some time, foresight, and investment so as not to make mistakes.

First of all, it never hurts to know what we mean when we talk about a nursing bra: it is just a bra that allows breastfeeding more comfortably. It is true that there are mothers experienced in this of breastfeeding, which after months or even years, are able to cope freely with the usual bras. But the truth is that, especially in the first months, the nursing bra is a great ally in raising the baby.

Mistake When Choosing Nursing Bra is the Size

sometimes we find it hard to imagine how our breasts will change with the birth of the baby, and we tend to buy nursing bras taking the current size as a reference—gross mistake. Experts recommend at least choosing a model that is two sizes higher than usual, since the volume of the breast increases considerably, especially during the first three months of lactation. In fact, you will see that many models of the nursing bra are only available in large sizes.

Therefore, it is advisable to have a pair of nursing bras for when the baby is born, it is not a bad idea to buy another batch once we have started breastfeeding when we can test them with the actual volume.

On the other hand, when choosing these first nursing bra, it should be clear that they should never compress the breasts, but only offer support. The reason is not so much due to comfort as to health, in order to avoid possible discomfort and common conditions during lactation such as mastitis.

Nursing Bra: Opening Types

In general, breastfeeding bras can have two types of opening for breastfeeding: the vertical, with a clasp or clip that hooks at the highest point of each cup (where the strap begins). Like this one from H&M:

The horizontal, which consists of removing a part of the glass to one side, as if it were a curtain. It can be a top bra, which exposes the entire breast, like this one from H&M:

Or one with an overlapping fabric that reveals only the area around the nipple, but continues to gather the breast from the sides, like this one from Mammae:

You will even find models with sophisticated designs that allow everything from incorporating lactation discs to holding the breast pump. Like this one from Mammae:

It is not about choosing between one or the other or deciding which is better. It is possible that several models are useful to you on different occasions. You will be the one to discover what your preferences are and with which type of opening you feel most comfortable in each case.

With rings or Without rings?

As for the type of nursing bra, you will find three basic types of breastfeeding: sports, padded, and underwired.

Sports Bra

The sports bra is ideal for being at home, sleeping, or for when you simply have chest discomfort, either because you suffer difficulties with breastfeeding or because of the natural swelling of the breasts. It is, without a doubt, an essential after childbirth that will make you feel more comfortable in those first days of adaptation. This is the case of this Vertbaudet model:

Padded Nursing Bra

The padded nursing bra shapes the breast and prevents nipples from being marked through clothing. However, in the first weeks of breastfeeding, you may find it uncomfortable, both due to the swelling of the breasts and the friction it can cause. Like this from Women ‘Secret:

Nursing Bra With Underwire

The nursing bra with underwire usually give a nice shape to the chest, although only are appropriate when there is no discomfort and breast size has stabilized. When buying them, it is important to find the exact size and avoid the ring resting on the breast to avoid it being uncomfortable and harmful. Remember that the chest must fit perfectly both below and from the sides and in no case should it overflow above. So it is advisable to wait until the initial swelling is relieved to get this type of bras. This model is from Kiabi:

Other issues to consider when choosing your nursing bras are fabric and seams. At a time when breasts become much more delicate than they already are, wearing a bra with nipple-rubbing seams, for example, can be really uncomfortable (and yes, surprisingly, there are).

On the other hand, many nursing bra also enjoy a poor design in terms of the space left by the opening to the nipple when breastfeeding. Keep in mind that each woman has a different breast shape and, for example, the opening may not coincide with the nipples if they are slightly separated.


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