DVDPlay (2022): Download Free Hollywood and Bollywood Movies Online

DVDPlay is a torrent website that allows you to watch and download movies, TV shows, web series, and more for free cost. This is not one of the most popular websites I have seen, but it will do if you love downloading free movies.

DVDPlay is a platform that specializes in different types of Hollywood/Bollywood/Tamil/Malayalam movies, and TV shows included that can be downloaded for free. If you love downloading movies for free, you should check out this website DVDPlay.

About DVDPlay Website

DVDPlay website is not as famous as other torrent websites. It allows a wide range of downloads easily for free, and no signup is needed. The DVDplay websites update movies, TV series, web series, and more regularly updated.

The website interface is user-friendly; although it is not too flashy, it gets the job done. All the latest released movies are all placed at the top left side of the website for easy downloading. There is a button that states click here to go directly to the download page of each of the latest movies. DVDPlay delivers an excellent collection of movies on their website, which pertains to different categories and genres so that the needs and wants of every person are met.

DVDPlay offers you various formats to download movies in, depending on the kind of plan you have. You can download movies in 360p 480p, 720p, and even 1080p if your data plan can carry it. There are also different formats such as DVDrip Scam, HDrip, blu ray, etc. Finally, the website uses outrageous ads and pop-ups whenever you click.


The DVDPlay.bar is the newest website of the movie’s download website as it keeps getting banned. Most of the movies we have are piracy websites that provide links to download piracy movies against authority.

Therefore these websites keep shutting down. Once they are down, they will continue with a different URL to start using it again. This is one of the main reasons these websites are not as famous as they once were, e.g., cinevez or skytorrents.

DVD Play Movie Categories

The categories on DVDPlay are different as they appeal to various audiences. This is because the more movies you have, the more users will visit your website daily. People can choose what to watch so that they do not have to succumb to a particular genre or language just because of the lack of options.

The categories on DVDPlay are:

  • Hindi Movie
  • Telugu Movie
  • English Movie
  • WEB TV Series
  • Malayalam Movie
  • Tamil Movie
  • Kannada Movie

How to Download Movies on DVDPlay

As mentioned earlier, DVDPlay offers a very simple user interface that people can use and download movies easily. The DVDPlay website is straightforward to use; the only problem is the pop-ups and redirects. Now, let us look at the step to be followed while downloading a movie from DVDPlay.

As you can see, it is not very tough to download a movie from DVDPlay because of its user-friendly interface. Download the movies you want to watch from DVDPlay and enjoy unlimited fun free mode.

Note: When you click on this website, you may be redirected to another page, or pop-up page will occur. All you have to do is go back to what you were doing before.

Sites Like DVDPlay | DVD PLay Alternatives

Finally, if DVDPlay is shut down or, for any reason, you cannot access the website, then you can consider these alternatives. Some of the alternatives have been listed below are better than DVD PLay, so give them a try:

List of Alternative Sites to DVDPlay


Even though it has recently been blocked in most of the countries of the European Union, it is currently possible to access the official page without any problem.

Although its content focuses on movies and series of all kinds, ExtraTorrent has programs, music, e-books, operating systems, and, ultimately, software of all kinds.

Unfortunately, the website has a fairly high number of advertising, so we will have to resort to some advertising blockers to avoid falling into false download buttons and links with content of dubious origin.

Kickass Torrent

Another Torrent download portal that, together with The Pirate Bay, is proclaimed as one of the pages with the largest catalog of Torrent files on the entire Internet.

As a good alternative to DVDPlay, it has movies, series, programs, licenses, operating systems, electronic books, and, in short, any item that we want to download.

Elite Torrent

Intended solely and exclusively for downloading Torrent movies and premiere series, EliteTorrent has one of the largest catalogs in audiovisual material on the Internet. Movies in telugu, hindi, and english with subtitles.

Best of all, in addition to integrating very little advertising, it has a catalog that is mostly available in HD and Full HD quality.

It is the best alternative to DVDPlay.

Torrent Downloads

Looking very similar to DVDPlay, it has a catalog of Torrent files similar to this one.

Computer programs, movies and television series, discographies, outdated versions of operating systems, images of files in ISO format, and a host of elements that we can find in DVD Play.

The Pirate Bay

One of the most popular within this segment, and it is the best alternative to DVDPlay. The Pirate Bay will find an infinity of files from series and movies to download via torrent.

It has the advantage of customizing searches to reduce the number of visible results, so you save time and effort.

After evading an incredible amount of blocking attempts, today, we can enjoy their services without problems, with user labels to know how safe each torrent is.


Rarbg is the best alternative to DVDPlay; The RARBG has become the most popular in these months. At rarbg.to, we come across differential elements such as an active community that denounces broken links.


Torrent portals are also visited by those who intend to download eBooks or anime publications. TorLock is a page similar to DVDPlay that can give you various joys for the quantity and quality of available elements if you are among them.

Its main virtue is that it has files that do not appear in the catalog of other websites. Its managers assure that they provide links to almost five million different files.


YTS is a most similar site like DVDPlay. It has marked the history of cinema as in those that have just reached theaters. You’ll never spend a night watching that boring movie on TV or flipping through the Netflix movie list again.

With an attractive design, in which the covers of each movie are observed, we can access them to know more details about the cast or the plot.


If YTS is the most recommended choice to search for movies, eztv.ag stands out in series. Not only does it list most of those with the most audience these days, but the immediacy with which the new episodes are uploaded is amazing.

The most exciting thing is that we can almost always download in HD or Full HD, according to the capacity of our connection and how demanding we are in terms of the quality of the content.

It is a very similar site to DVDPlay.


Of the new pages like DVDPlay, it is probably one of the most complete.

With more than three and a half million torrents with active links, it doesn’t disappoint with its number of movies or series, although it is especially captivating for those looking for free games.


We do not motivate piracy and are rigidly against the piracy of online movies. As we have mentioned, most film downloaders and websites that offer free films have pirated versions; they can often run into legal issues. Thus, make sure to check with your geographical area to know whether you can use such websites freely. You can use VPN to download movies from DVDPlay anyway.

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