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3 Tips To Increase Sexual Stamina

Do you want to increase sexual stamina? We will tell you. Some keys are helpful, such as physical activity or Kegel exercises.

Increasing sexual stamina can be an excellent strategy to enjoy intimate relationships in a more satisfying way. To achieve this, it is beneficial to have good communication with your partner and maintain healthy and consistent habits over time.

Exercising daily, eating healthy, and staying well hydrated are some of the habits that contribute to the health of the body in general and add well-being in the sexual sphere.

Of course, the consultation with the specialist will be unavoidable if the person experiences discomfort, exhaustion, and persistent difficulties in sexual encounters, such as premature ejaculation. Only then can the cause of the problem be determined and the best treatment to address it.

However, if you want to improve your performance in sex, you may be interested in the 3 basic guidelines that we will present below.

Keys to increasing sexual stamina

Physical activity is one of the steps to increase sexual stamina

Are you short-lived when making love because you get tired earlier than expected? Do you feel fatigue almost from the beginning? Perhaps this has to do with a question of physical endurance in general.

There is evidence that draws attention to this aspect. This is the case of a study that Professor Igor Grabovac has carried out together with other scientists. Their findings indicate that leading a more active life is often associated with higher quality sex.

Therefore, a sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical exercise are factors that later produce consequences in other areas, such as intimate encounters.

However, it is possible to introduce physical activity into your daily routine with a few simple ideas. Depending on the characteristics, tastes, and needs of each person, there are different ways to do it:

  • An alternative is to start by walking for a bit each day.
  • There are also those who prefer to go out for a few minutes for a run.
  • Even if you have facilities and resources nearby, you may be interested in considering options such as swimming, dancing, or another type of directed class.

In time the results will come. The important thing is that you are constantly in the goal you have set for yourself. In this sense, either seeking guidance from a coach or deciding to practice in a group will be helpful strategies to consider.

Kegel exercises are also one of the keys to increasing sexual stamina

Another of the guidelines to increase sexual stamina is to perform Kegel exercises; which both men or women can carry out.

Their purpose is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to improve the erection in the male case or the vaginal contraction in the female.

The primary sequence to follow focuses on these steps:

  • For the first few days, try to cut off the stream of urine when you are in the bathroom. This will help you detect which muscles to train.
  • Once you have them identified, try exercising them elsewhere.
  • Start by contacting them for a few seconds and then rest for another several second.
  • This step can be repeated a few times until doing a series of one or more minutes.

As you progress in this practice, it will be easier for you also to increase the time for which you maintain the erection if you are a man or the contraction if you are a woman. These advantages have been, for example, observed in work developed by a group of researchers from the University of São Paulo.

Thus, these authors find that those women with more experience in this technique sustain the pressure in the vaginal canal for a longer time; which later positively impacts the sexual act.

The habit of masturbating also has certain benefits

Masturbating, even with a partner, is often a good habit to increase sexual stamina. The reason is that this habit allows everyone to get to know themselves better, allowing us to understand what excites them most or which parts are more sensitive.

They can hold out longer during sex if they have explored their erogenous zones alone before. This is information to share with the partner; but if it is reserved for the final moments of the encounter, the point at which the climax is reached is likely to be delayed in turn.

As for men, this is an opportunity to put into practice different methods to delay ejaculation. One of them is to press the head of the penis when close to orgasm. At that moment, stopping touching and breathing deeply are actions that help postpone the outcome.

In addition to these benefits, it is worth mentioning that masturbation helps to address specific problems in sexual relations. In this sense, it has been use successfully in cases of premature ejaculation, as points out by a study led by a team of professors from Sun Yat-sen University (China).

Get inspired by these keys and add well-being!

The keys that we have mention are intend to be simply an orientation about how you can act in case you want to increase sexual resistance. Therefore, they should not be taken as rules. At this point, it should be remember that each person is different and, consequently; you must take care of your body, taking into account its particularities.

We hope you can start applying these ideas in your day-to-day. The results will come with perseverance and time.

However, remember that if you experience marked fatigue or any persistent discomfort or difficulty in your relationships; it is essential to go to the appropriate specialist according to the situation.

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