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5 Hair Care Products Women with Menopause Hair Loss Should Use
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5 Hair Care Products Women with Menopause Hair Loss Should Use

Going through the adverse effects of menopause is never easy, for you have to deal with all the physical, mental, and emotional ramifications caused by hormonal imbalance. However, no matter how much women try to tone down the effects of menopause, some women suffer from menopause hair loss that can affect one’s appearance and may also shatter one’s self-confidence.

So, what hair products should women who suffer from menopause hair loss use to bring back the glory of their hair? Get to know the helpful hair care products that can save your tresses from menopause.

5 Hair Care Must-Haves for Menopausal Hair Loss

Below are the five hair care essentials that every woman with menopausal hair loss should have.

1. Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

During menopause, your hair count gets affected and may even decrease as days go. Hence, you will need a growth-stimulating weapon that will not only tickle your hair follicles to grow new hair strands but will also mitigate hormonal imbalance. As you know, estrogens decrease during menopause.

For instance, you may opt to buy hair growth shampoos with green tea or coffee as primary ingredients. This is because they contain caffeine, a plant-based stimulant that can thwart dihydrotestosterone (a potent type of testosterone) from forming and inducing hair loss.

2. Keratin Hair Mask Concoction

Before you start losing your hair, you may notice some physical changes in your hair, such as dryness and frizz. Never ignore these early signs, for they can lead to hair loss if left untreated. To prevent your hair from getting dry and frizzy, you can revamp it with a keratin-enriched hair mask. Keratin helps restore your hair cuticles, coating them with an extra layer to smooth the surface and preserve moisture.

3. Hair Thickening Serum

Thinning is also another common after-effect of hormonal imbalance during the menopausal stage. Your hair follicles may not receive ample nourishment, affecting the quality of hair strands during the growth stage. By applying a good amount of thickening serum, you both provide hair growth nutrients and help retain moisture content. You may opt to use serums packed with minerals and proteins, for these nutrients have properties that strengthen and thicken hair strands.

4. Tufted hairbrush

Your hair, especially during menopause, can be sensitive and brittle. Unfortunately, your hair care treatment for this hair growth problem does not only end in using shampoos, conditioners, and serums, but it also happens with the help of the perfect hairbrush. Yes, that’s right. Using the most suitable hairbrush for your hair condition also matters. For instance, a tufted hairbrush can help you smooth the frizz without snapping your thinning or brittle strands. Made from boar bristles, this type of hairbrush gently helps distribute the natural oils all over your hair and scalp without going hard on your hair cuticles. Combing your hair with this hairbrush also helps stimulate blood flow, which also benefits your hair follicles by allowing more nutrients and oxygen to reach them.

5. Hair Growth Supplements

A lack of proper nutrition, especially during the menopausal stage, can adversely affect the quality and quantity of hair growth. If you think you do not get the necessary nutrients from your everyday diet, you may opt to take hair growth supplements, usually in tablet form. These supplements should be rich in vitamins A, C, and E and hair-strengthening and growth-stimulating minerals such as silica, zinc, and iron.

Never Be Afraid to Flaunt Your Hair

Experiencing physical changes during menopause is totally normal and acceptable. However, don’t make it an excuse to neglect your menopausal hair loss problem. Redeem your confidence and flaunt your tresses by using only the best hair care products against menopause hair loss.

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