Care For Your Beard In Summer

High temperatures and dehydration damage our beard in summer. Learn to keep it healthy and strong with these cares.

In summer, many factors agree to play against the care of our beard. Heat, dehydration, and excess sweat weaken our hair, so it is essential to follow special care if we want to keep our beard healthy and looking good:

Hydration: The Best Care

With the heat, the evaporation rate of our liquids increases, and we become dehydrated faster. Severe dehydration can weaken our hair and even make it fall out easily. For this reason, it is more necessary than ever to keep our hair well hydrated.

How to do it? In the first place, drinking a sufficient amount of water allows our body to be well hydrated. On the other hand, applying various products such as oils, balms, or conditioners will also help us keep it well hydrated during the summer.

Washing Your Beard In Summer

Another care that we must take into account in summer is good hygiene. High temperatures cause excess sweating that, beyond worsening the aesthetics of our beard, can also cause cases of irritation or itching.

A correct washing will help us eliminate the remains of food and fat and restore balance to the skin and all the external agents that accumulate during the summer: salt, chlorine, and sweat. In general, it is recommended to wash your beard between 1 and 2 times a day.

Brush It Out Of The Water

In summer, we often go in or out of the water, be it from the sea, the pool, or a refreshing shower. It is recommended that we brush our beards well in those moments since it is a simple gesture that will bring us many benefits. This care will help us, among others, to improve capillary regeneration, skin circulation, and air our hair. The result? A healthier and longer beard thanks to this simple care.

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